Monday, 21 December 2015

Merry Christmas to all!

I love Christmas. I like the lights of the cities by night, the smell of the mulled wine mixed with cinnamon and orange, the suspense in the air, the nicely dressed up Christmas trees and souls. I feel sorry for those who hate Christmas! The people who get lost in shopping centres pushing, pulling each others on the shop floor to get the last Christmas deal. 


People in last minute gift wrapping. In my family we don't let ourselves to be fooled by the big stores Christmas offers. We keep it simple and we don't buy expensive presents or overstretch ourselves with cooking the Christmas dinner. I tell you a secret here why my Christmas is special and truly a wonderful time of the year. Since I live abroad I asked my family members not to buy me presents that I can not bring back to London with me on the plane because it's too big or too heavy. So we developed this tradition which seems to work for us the best: we only buy gifts that we can eat or drink together. And once a year we don't care about the extra kilos we can gain or the amount of alcohol we drink. In my family Christmas became a celebration of family, friends, eating, drinking. For us Christmas is not about expensive gifts or shopping just simply being together. Simple things in life are the most precious: love, laugh and the sparks in the eyes, and the feeling that you are at home. These things are not expensive but priceless.

Don't be fool of the Christmas spirit, let yourself guide by it 

and you will find little miracles under your tree.


I wish everyone a peaceful holiday season with the loved ones and a happy new year!

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