Thursday, 8 October 2015

Listen to your inner voice

Once every women had this deep connection with her spiritual side of her soul. Then somehow you lost it. You took the challenge of this new, frightening, stressful modern world. You became aggressive like a man, you lost a lot of your femininity. You transformed your whole identity and your bad experiences slowly modified your inner spiritual natures. You're using the spirituality only to believe you can be much more stronger with it. But just think about it. Love in only the second most sacred connection between two souls. Do you know what is the first? Maternity. And this is only privilege of the woman. A woman is wiser than the wisest man in the world because she able to create a new life in her own body. This ability brings her closer to God, that makes her able to see the invisible.

But you have to listen again to your inner voice.


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