Friday, 28 August 2015

My holiday diet

Not long ago I was in a small Spanish town on Costa Brava. When I came back from the well-deserved holiday, everybody made comments like “You look great!” or “You're in such a good shape!” And indeed, I felt great. In one hand I'm lucky with my genes but in the other hand in my profession I always need to be careful and not to gain weight. I don't believe in strict diet, maybe I never needed one. But those fabulous diets give you more regret and guilt if you can't keep them, and the effects on your body (and mind) are not satisfying.
Lots of people think on holiday they can eat whatever they want. But if you use your holiday wisely, it can have great benefits on you. And perhaps – you never know – you will find an exciting summer affair too!
So I made my own holiday rules. It's not really a diet, more of a bunch of advise, and it works for me. So I thought I share it with you.

  • Go somewhere seaside for 2 weeks (if you can afford and you can leave your work for that long)
  • Go to the beach every day.
  • Eat healthy breakfast like fruits, eggs, banana that give you enough energy through the day.
  • Take fresh juices or lots of water to the beach.
  • Avoid those kiosks that sell ice cream and cakes. When you're hungry, eat fresh fruits.
  • Enjoy outdoor activities like swimming, climbing, walking. Don't forget to take pictures! Being active can help ignoring your hunger or craving for junk food.
  • Eat proper dinner, but not later than 7pm.
  • Try to avoid alcohol (I can't manage that all the time.)


Whenever you feel jealous of the woman with great body next to you on her beach towel, don't give power to this negative feeling but use it as a motivation! “I don't eat ice cream because I want to look like her!” Enjoy a good book or a good conversation with a stranger.
After 2 weeks your face is smoother and your body gets use to the healthier lifestyle, so try to keep it when you're back from your holiday. If you feel enough encouragement, you can join to your local gym. It would be easier to add healthier food and/or exercise to your daily routine. And one more benefit: you're amazingly tanned!

"Lots of people think on holiday they can eat 
whatever they want"

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