Saturday, 6 June 2015

It's all about us

I realised we – women – are often talk about men in a very negative way. I know it from my own experience. While men amongst themselves talk about football and politics, until the women's favourite subject to talk about is men. Not always in a nice way. We are a great support to each other to keep this anger on the certain level. The special bond between two female spirits is already made by agreeing everything is the men's fault. But is it really that common when some women gather together, they just blame men for everything? It's always easier pointing the finger to someone else. But the truth is we are closing down ourselves from something that in the bottom of our heart we desire the most. We deny that we need love. “I don't want, I'm happy without it. I have so much other things to focus on.” Familiar? We hide ourselves behind a mask of a strong and independent woman and we feel safe there. It's time to take that mask off. And as the Law of Universe works, we attract what we wish for ourselves, if you think all men are trash and they are all the same, this is the message you send to the Universe, so all men in your life will be equally trash. We have to change our way of thinking about it. Saying “I don't need a man” is not right. “I don't need that type of man!” sounds more correct. And we select who get the invitation card to our Life.

Your trust has been betrayed so many times. But whatever you focus on, you will find it. If you think there is no man out there who can be trustworthy and loyal to you, you're right. You will always find the player, the cheater and the one who mistreat you or has no time for you. There are always millions of reasons why you should or should not trust anyone. But the problem is you choose not to trust. And you will end up emotionally shot down from someone who might deserve your trust. If you build up the wall around you, you make sure that bad things can not come through and can not effect you. But neither the good things. And men want to find a connection with women, more importantly they also want to commit themselves to us but they just hit their heads into the walls that we keep continue building up around us. The woman nowadays is not bending like a reed. She breaks. Or she breaks something. But it's not the kind of energy where love can grow and blossom. You can't get a handsome God until you don't become a Goddess yourself. You need to know you hold that possibility. You just need to let it shine and grow.


Feminine energy is a creative energy and I'd like to create a group for women here sharing practical or beauty advice, life stories or just simply share joy and take care of each other's pain. A group that support and inspire you. Don't stay amongst those women that blame the men for everything and their words fill up the air around you like poisonous arrows. Break up with the routine and cancel all the negative things from your Life. Join us, let's celebrate our own femininity together and transform ourselves to a  



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