Saturday, 6 June 2015

Celebrate the Femininity


Women. We are powerful, spiritual and creative. Intuition, creativity, affiliation, acceptance, wisdom, transcendent, arts, these are the keywords of the femininity. For a woman being alive and the Life itself is the most important. Man gravitates toward analysis, reason and logic in making decisions and approaching problems. The man has principle, he talks about politics, he methodizes, he systematizes. He takes care about things that have no soul. Simple and logical. But a woman's body ready to takes in another body just like her soul. That's why the woman is wiser and deeper than man, because she goes through the whole act of creation in her own body. And that's the most sacred connection between two souls.

These days we are living in a masculine world and men tent to look down on a woman who shows her emotions. They see it as a sign of weakness. You're a woman. You've always been strong. But soft in the same time. To allow yourself being soft is a different kind of power. Allow your emotions to flow through you and connect them in a deeper level. 

We lost contact with the spiritual woman within us who able to see the higher consistence and can transform the things around her in her life. If you don't find the way back to her, if you are not able to wake up the love within yourself, no one else can do it. You are the source of love, it comes from you and returns back to you.

You don't need to search for love. You are love!