Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Are we too busy to love?

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Lately I heard often from people around me that “Sorry, I'm busy with work.” It made me think. They might be busy or work hard but are they happy? They often miss a partner or a smile of a child because they run after the money and their life is just passing by. Is it a life fulfilled? I don't judge but I question that. Everybody has the time she/he uses. They're not busy. They just can't use the time well that is given to them. They give priority to things that they think are important, not to the things that importantly could make them happy. They can be happy but simply they have no time to be happy. Instead of living to work, you need to choose to work to live. Instead of letting the time use you, you need to use the time. 

And then at night, when they go to bed alone, they are asking themselves “What do I do wrong? Why do I feel unhappy?” And they have a strange sadness or self-pity heavily on their mind and it surrounds them. But they quickly suppress it and they rather concentrate on the next day business presentation. They are not happy but also they cannot tell honestly themselves what is missing from their life. But they feel exactly that is unfulfilled. They are not aware of the warning signals either. They are the people that will be stopped by unexpected events or Faith if you like so. Illness or accident are the latest form of the warnings that force them to stay in bed and relax. Relax and think about what are they doing wrong in their Life. A broken mobile or a delayed flight are a softer, lighter sign that they go in the wrong direction. 

We can call a person successful who is feeling great within her/ himself and can sleep well at night. CEO's I've met often complain that they missed the moment when their kids said the first word or did the first insecure step toward their own life, they forgot about their wives's birthday that made her angry, they forgot about their own dreams, but most importantly they often forgot to laugh from the bottom of their heart.  We are all responsible for our own misery.

Sad? Yes. We are all sad because of that. Sometimes we just hold the key to our happiness, we see the door front of us that we need to open, but we don't dare to push down the handle. We are waiting for someone else to open that door for us, maybe that person will feel responsible over our happiness. Sad, but it doesn't work in this way. Let's face it, our world is not built like that. Each person is responsible for her/his own happiness and only for that. Money is not everything. It won't bring you coffee into bed in the morning or won't give you a hug before you fall asleep. So make time for all those things you miss and allow yourself to choose happiness! 

"We are responsible for our own misery."

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