Friday, 1 January 2016

2016: the year of Mars

According to some astrologist, 2016 can be a hard and tough year for all. The year of Mars starts only around the 21th of March, what is the vernal equinox on the northern hemisphere, but it's better to be prepared. If you are strong-minded, persistent, enduring and you can foresee, then you can avoid the difficult periods and you can enjoy its advantages. The basic features of Mars are masculine energy, fire, vim, fight, conflicts, blocks, war, but also progression, will-power, drive and action. In 2016 it will be easy to make mistakes but difficult to castigate them. We will need thoughtfulness and consciousness throughout the year. In this year we can become stronger, braver, determined and spontaneous. 2016 can bring the best out of us. If we were ambiguous, if we were self-doubted, now we can take our own lives in hand. If we were daydreamers, this is the time to act and reach our dreams, or at least get closer to them. In this year we will make decisions, we will put an end to hesitation. We will do what we decided long time ago but somehow we didn't have a chance to act. Even those will be stimulated to act by the planet Mars who previously just reacted other people's actions.
Like a warrior, we will have all the equipments we need in battles: determination, enthusiasm, ambition. Mars teaches us not only to fight but to survive, it makes us stronger, healthier than before in mind and in body too. Mars is not only the god of war but also an agricultural guardian, who can help us with personal growth as he can direct his energies toward creation that allow us to be a better selves. This can be the most important task throughout the year.
In the year of Mars we have to come first, we have to be the strongest. It helps us to stand up, to be noticed and get the things done. We will be able to overgrow ourselves. This is the time for being selfish in a healthy way and put our own desire before everything else, it's time for ambition and competition. The power of this planet creates great conquers, warriors, leaders, adventurers, sportsmen and sportswomen. The Olympic Games 2016 in Rio de Janeiro must be very exciting and promising under the aegis of Mars.
We can make good business and career if we trust ourselves and our instincts, and if we can keep the positive thinking all year around. The key to success is to let go our fears, these are the biggest blocks in our way to reach our dream jobs or make big businesses. In the year of Mars we can get through our plans and business models.
As the negative aspects of a god of war, Mars often represents the physical or violent and untamed aspect of war. In this year not only the strength and braveness will be in spotlight but the open aggression and global conflicts too. Unfortunately it can mean more terror attacks and religious fanatics but Mars also represents military power as a way to secure peace.
The Mars is a fiery planet, so better to be prepared to a hot and dry summer this year and be aware of forest fires.
2016 will be a passionate year in dating and relationships as in the Roman mythology Mars has numerous love affairs and abundant offspring and he is also the lover of Venus, the goddess of love. That promises us more eroticism, more passion, more sexual energies but with the same passion as we love, we will also fight. Mars switches off the good manners, we don't want to play the good girl/good boy but we will be more honest and upfront with our partner, sometimes in an offensive way as we can be little impatient and stubborn too.
The energy of Mars can be quite useful if we use it properly. We can stand up for ourselves, we can fight for equality and harmony, and we can keep our rights. This year we should say no openly to suppression and to the things we don't like. 

Those who can keep their life in hand in 2016 will definitely 

win their battles.

Monday, 21 December 2015

Merry Christmas to all!

I love Christmas. I like the lights of the cities by night, the smell of the mulled wine mixed with cinnamon and orange, the suspense in the air, the nicely dressed up Christmas trees and souls. I feel sorry for those who hate Christmas! The people who get lost in shopping centres pushing, pulling each others on the shop floor to get the last Christmas deal. 


People in last minute gift wrapping. In my family we don't let ourselves to be fooled by the big stores Christmas offers. We keep it simple and we don't buy expensive presents or overstretch ourselves with cooking the Christmas dinner. I tell you a secret here why my Christmas is special and truly a wonderful time of the year. Since I live abroad I asked my family members not to buy me presents that I can not bring back to London with me on the plane because it's too big or too heavy. So we developed this tradition which seems to work for us the best: we only buy gifts that we can eat or drink together. And once a year we don't care about the extra kilos we can gain or the amount of alcohol we drink. In my family Christmas became a celebration of family, friends, eating, drinking. For us Christmas is not about expensive gifts or shopping just simply being together. Simple things in life are the most precious: love, laugh and the sparks in the eyes, and the feeling that you are at home. These things are not expensive but priceless.

Don't be fool of the Christmas spirit, let yourself guide by it 

and you will find little miracles under your tree.


I wish everyone a peaceful holiday season with the loved ones and a happy new year!

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Listen to your inner voice

Once every women had this deep connection with her spiritual side of her soul. Then somehow you lost it. You took the challenge of this new, frightening, stressful modern world. You became aggressive like a man, you lost a lot of your femininity. You transformed your whole identity and your bad experiences slowly modified your inner spiritual natures. You're using the spirituality only to believe you can be much more stronger with it. But just think about it. Love in only the second most sacred connection between two souls. Do you know what is the first? Maternity. And this is only privilege of the woman. A woman is wiser than the wisest man in the world because she able to create a new life in her own body. This ability brings her closer to God, that makes her able to see the invisible.

But you have to listen again to your inner voice.


Water-washed thoughts

Thoughts are like stones on the beach.
Some are sharp, some are bleached.
Some became rounded,
Others are soft
Just like the thoughts you caused.
Thoughts are like stones on the beach.
Each has a past and a lesson to teach.
Some give me pleasure
Others give pain
But these thoughts of you remain.
Thoughts are like stones on the beach.
No complaint, no worries, no speech.
Eternal silence without you,
My dearest.
Faded memories. I have nothing else left.

(My very first poem in English.)

Why are you so sure that love doesn't exist?

A strong feeling like love never goes by so easily. You just try to hide it in the deepest layer of your heart but it's still there. You just afraid of bring it up to the surface and show it. You think you're stronger without love. But you are a coward to face the fact that love always existed and always will until the human race exists. Love is like an unfailing well. You can cover it with wooden boards and make it sure that nobody can drink from the water, but the water still exists and under the ground myriad of capillaries bring its water to every living thing.


Friday, 28 August 2015

My holiday diet

Not long ago I was in a small Spanish town on Costa Brava. When I came back from the well-deserved holiday, everybody made comments like “You look great!” or “You're in such a good shape!” And indeed, I felt great. In one hand I'm lucky with my genes but in the other hand in my profession I always need to be careful and not to gain weight. I don't believe in strict diet, maybe I never needed one. But those fabulous diets give you more regret and guilt if you can't keep them, and the effects on your body (and mind) are not satisfying.
Lots of people think on holiday they can eat whatever they want. But if you use your holiday wisely, it can have great benefits on you. And perhaps – you never know – you will find an exciting summer affair too!
So I made my own holiday rules. It's not really a diet, more of a bunch of advise, and it works for me. So I thought I share it with you.

  • Go somewhere seaside for 2 weeks (if you can afford and you can leave your work for that long)
  • Go to the beach every day.
  • Eat healthy breakfast like fruits, eggs, banana that give you enough energy through the day.
  • Take fresh juices or lots of water to the beach.
  • Avoid those kiosks that sell ice cream and cakes. When you're hungry, eat fresh fruits.
  • Enjoy outdoor activities like swimming, climbing, walking. Don't forget to take pictures! Being active can help ignoring your hunger or craving for junk food.
  • Eat proper dinner, but not later than 7pm.
  • Try to avoid alcohol (I can't manage that all the time.)


Whenever you feel jealous of the woman with great body next to you on her beach towel, don't give power to this negative feeling but use it as a motivation! “I don't eat ice cream because I want to look like her!” Enjoy a good book or a good conversation with a stranger.
After 2 weeks your face is smoother and your body gets use to the healthier lifestyle, so try to keep it when you're back from your holiday. If you feel enough encouragement, you can join to your local gym. It would be easier to add healthier food and/or exercise to your daily routine. And one more benefit: you're amazingly tanned!

"Lots of people think on holiday they can eat 
whatever they want"

There is only one person that you can make better: yourself!

It's not your task to manage other people's life. Trust him that he can manage his life by himself. He's able to do so. You can help him only showing the path but don't take his lessons away from him. Believe me, you can't save him from his shadows if he doesn't want to save himself! This is his path and he's responsible to walk on.


Don't live other's life! You won't have enough time and energy to live yours. Every single person has his own tasks in this life. If you do something that he's supposed to do, if you act instead of him, you may make a harm and you take him away from his experience. Every person has a free will and right for his own freedom! You have enough lessons in your own life to deal with, don't take more than you can carry.

Don't live other's life! You won't have enough time and energy to live yours.